Flutter Engine
<FlutterTexture > Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterTexture.h>

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Instance Methods

(CVPixelBufferRef _Nullable) - copyPixelBuffer
(void) - onTextureUnregistered:

Detailed Description

Represents a texture that can be shared with Flutter.

See also: https://github.com/flutter/plugins/tree/master/packages/camera

Definition at line 21 of file FlutterTexture.h.

Method Documentation

◆ copyPixelBuffer()

- (CVPixelBufferRef _Nullable FlutterTexture) copyPixelBuffer

Copy the contents of the texture into a CVPixelBuffer.

◆ onTextureUnregistered:()

- (void FlutterTexture) onTextureUnregistered: (NSObject< FlutterTexture > *)  texture

Called when the texture is unregistered.

Called on the raster thread.

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