Flutter Engine
<FlutterViewEngineDelegate > Protocol Reference

#import <FlutterView.h>

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Instance Methods

(flutter::Rasterizer::Screenshot- takeScreenshot:asBase64Encoded:
(std::shared_ptr< flutter::FlutterPlatformViewsController > &) - platformViewsController
(void) - flutterViewAccessibilityDidCall

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file FlutterView.h.

Method Documentation

◆ flutterViewAccessibilityDidCall()

- (void FlutterViewEngineDelegate) flutterViewAccessibilityDidCall

A callback that is called when iOS queries accessibility information of the Flutter view.

This is useful to predict the current iOS accessibility status. For example, there is no API to listen whether voice control is turned on or off. The Flutter engine uses this callback to enable semantics in order to catch the case that voice control is on.

◆ platformViewsController()

- (shared_ptr<)flutter:

◆ takeScreenshot:asBase64Encoded:()

- Rasterizer: (flutter::Rasterizer::ScreenshotType type
asBase64Encoded: (BOOL base64Encode 

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