Flutter Engine
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1 // Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
8 #include <optional>
9 #include <string>
10 #include <vector>
12 namespace flutter {
15  bool enabled,
16  const std::optional<std::vector<std::string>>& allowlist);
18 } // namespace flutter
DEF_SWITCHES_START aot vmservice shared library Name of the *so containing AOT compiled Dart assets for launching the service isolate vm snapshot The VM snapshot data that will be memory mapped as read only SnapshotAssetPath must be present isolate snapshot The isolate snapshot data that will be memory mapped as read only SnapshotAssetPath must be present cache dir Path to the cache directory This is different from the persistent_cache_path in embedder which is used for Skia shader cache icu native lib Path to the library file that exports the ICU data observatory The hostname IP address on which the Dart Observatory should be served If not defaults to or::depending on whether ipv6 is specified disable Disable the Dart Observatory The observatory is never available in release mode Bind to the IPv6 localhost address for the Dart Observatory Ignored if observatory host is set endless trace Enable an endless trace buffer The default is a ring buffer This is useful when very old events need to viewed For during application launch Memory usage will continue to grow indefinitely however skia deterministic Skips the call to thus avoiding swapping out some Skia function pointers based on available CPU features This is used to obtain deterministic behavior in Skia rendering disable service auth Disable the requirement for authentication codes for communicating with the VM service start Start the application paused in the Dart debugger trace Trace Skia calls This is useful when debugging the GPU threed By Skia tracing is not enabled to reduce the number of traced events trace allowlist
Definition: switches.h:145
void InitSkiaEventTracer(bool enabled, const std::optional< std::vector< std::string >> &allowlist)