Flutter Engine
FlutterEngine(Test) Category Reference

#import <FlutterEngine_Test.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - setBinaryMessenger:
(flutter::IOSRenderingAPI- platformViewsRenderingAPI
(void) - waitForFirstFrame:callback:
(FlutterEngine *) - spawnWithEntrypoint:libraryURI:initialRoute:entrypointArgs:
(const flutter::ThreadHost &) - threadHost



Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file FlutterEngine_Test.h.

Method Documentation

◆ platformViewsRenderingAPI()

- (IOSRenderingAPI FlutterEngine(Test)):

Extends class FlutterEngine.

◆ setBinaryMessenger:()

- (void) setBinaryMessenger: (FlutterBinaryMessengerRelay *)  binaryMessenger

Extends class FlutterEngine.

◆ spawnWithEntrypoint:libraryURI:initialRoute:entrypointArgs:()

- (FlutterEngine*) spawnWithEntrypoint: (/*nullable */NSString *)  entrypoint
libraryURI: (/*nullable */NSString *)  libraryURI
initialRoute: (/*nullable */NSString *)  initialRoute
entrypointArgs: (/*nullable */NSArray< NSString * > *)  entrypointArgs 

Extends class FlutterEngine.

◆ threadHost()

- (const ThreadHost& FlutterEngine(Test)):

Extends class FlutterEngine.

◆ waitForFirstFrame:callback:()

- (void) waitForFirstFrame: (NSTimeInterval)  timeout
callback: (void(^)(BOOL didTimeout))  callback 

Extends class FlutterEngine.

Property Documentation

◆ macOSCompositor

- (FlutterCompositor* FlutterEngine(Test)):

The FlutterCompositor object currently in use by the FlutterEngine. This is either a FlutterOpenGLCompositor or a FlutterMetalCompositor.

May be nil if the compositor has not been initialized yet.

Extends class FlutterEngine.

Definition at line 28 of file FlutterEngineTest.mm.

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