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FlutterTextInputPlugin() Category Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - enableActiveViewAccessibility
(void) - cleanUpViewHierarchy:clearText:delayRemoval:
(NSArray< UIView * > *) - textInputViews
(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
(void) - setEditingState:
(void) - updateEditState
(void) - updateTextAndSelection


NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, FlutterTextInputView * > * autofillContext
NSTextInputContext * textInputContext
BOOL shown
uint64_t previouslyPressedFlags
FlutterTextAffinity textAffinity
NSNumber * clientID
NSString * inputType
NSString * inputAction

Detailed Description

Private properties of FlutterTextInputPlugin.

Definition at line 1569 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ cleanUpViewHierarchy:clearText:delayRemoval:()

- (void) cleanUpViewHierarchy: (BOOL includeActiveView
clearText: (BOOL clearText
delayRemoval: (BOOL delayRemoval 

◆ enableActiveViewAccessibility()

- (void) enableActiveViewAccessibility

◆ handleMethodCall:result:()

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Handles a Flutter system message on the text input channel.

◆ setEditingState:()

- (void) setEditingState: (NSDictionary *)  state

Updates the text input model with state received from the framework via the TextInput.setEditingState message.

◆ textInputViews()

- (NSArray<UIView*>*) textInputViews

◆ updateEditState()

- (void) updateEditState

Informs the Flutter framework of changes to the text input model's state.

◆ updateTextAndSelection()

- (void) updateTextAndSelection

Updates the stringValue and selectedRange that stored in the NSTextView interface that this plugin inherits from.

If there is a FlutterTextField uses this plugin as its field editor, this method will update the stringValue and selectedRange through the API of the FlutterTextField.

Property Documentation

◆ activeView

- (FlutterTextInputView *) activeView

Definition at line 1597 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ autofillContext

- (NSMutableDictionary< NSString *, FlutterTextInputView * > *) autofillContext

Definition at line 1596 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ channel

- (FlutterMethodChannel*) channel

The channel used to communicate with Flutter.

Definition at line 86 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ clientID

- (NSNumber*) clientID

ID of the text input client.

Definition at line 113 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ flutterViewController

- (FlutterViewController*) flutterViewController

The FlutterViewController to manage input for.

Definition at line 91 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ inputAction

- (NSString*) inputAction

An action requested by the user on the input client. See available options: https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/services/TextInputAction-class.html

Definition at line 125 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ inputHider

- (FlutterTextInputViewAccessibilityHider*) inputHider

Definition at line 1598 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ inputType

- (NSString*) inputType

Keyboard type of the client. See available options: https://api.flutter.dev/flutter/services/TextInputType-class.html

Definition at line 119 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ previouslyPressedFlags

- (uint64_t) previouslyPressedFlags

The current state of the keyboard and pressed keys.

Definition at line 103 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ shown

- (BOOL) shown

Whether the text input is shown in the view.

Defaults to TRUE on startup.

Definition at line 98 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ textAffinity

- (FlutterTextAffinity) textAffinity

The affinity for the current cursor position.

Definition at line 108 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

◆ textInputContext

- (NSTextInputContext*) textInputContext

A text input context, representing a connection to the Cocoa text input system.

Definition at line 81 of file FlutterTextInputPlugin.mm.

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