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#import <FlutterViewController_Internal.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - addInternalPlugins
(void) - deregisterNotifications
(fml::WeakPtr< FlutterViewController >) - getWeakPtr
(std::shared_ptr< flutter::FlutterPlatformViewsController > &) - platformViewsController
(FlutterRestorationPlugin *) - restorationPlugin
(void) - forceTouchesCancelled:
(void) - handlePressEvent:nextAction:
(void) - addInternalPlugins
(void) - deregisterNotifications
(BOOL- launchEngine
(void) - configureTrackingArea
(void) - addInternalPlugins
(void) - dispatchMouseEvent:
(void) - dispatchMouseEvent:phase:
(void) - sendInitialSettings
(void) - onSettingsChanged:
(void) - onAccessibilityStatusChanged:
(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
(void) - playSystemSound:
(NSDictionary *) - getClipboardData:
(void) - setClipboardData:
(BOOL- clipboardHasStrings
(nonnull instancetype) - initWithEngine:nibName:bundle:


BOOL displayingFlutterUI
BOOL isHomeIndicatorHidden
BOOL isPresentingViewControllerAnimating
BOOL isPresentingViewController
BOOL isVoiceOverRunning
NSTrackingArea * trackingArea
MouseState mouseState
id keyUpMonitor
NSPasteboard * pasteboard

Detailed Description

Private interface declaration for FlutterViewController.

Definition at line 67 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ addInternalPlugins() [1/3]

- (void) addInternalPlugins

◆ addInternalPlugins() [2/3]

- (void) addInternalPlugins

Creates and registers plugins used by this view controller.

◆ addInternalPlugins() [3/3]

- (void) addInternalPlugins

Creates and registers plugins used by this view controller.

◆ clipboardHasStrings()

- (BOOL) clipboardHasStrings

Returns true iff the clipboard contains nonempty string data.

◆ configureTrackingArea()

- (void) configureTrackingArea

Updates |trackingArea| for the current tracking settings, creating it with the correct mode if tracking is enabled, or removing it if not.

◆ deregisterNotifications() [1/2]

- (void) deregisterNotifications

◆ deregisterNotifications() [2/2]

- (void) deregisterNotifications

◆ dispatchMouseEvent:()

- (void) dispatchMouseEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  event

Calls dispatchMouseEvent:phase: with a phase determined by self.mouseState.

mouseState.buttons should be updated before calling this method.

◆ dispatchMouseEvent:phase:()

- (void) dispatchMouseEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  event
phase: (FlutterPointerPhase phase 

Converts |event| to a FlutterPointerEvent with the given phase, and sends it to the engine.

◆ forceTouchesCancelled:()

- (void) forceTouchesCancelled: (NSSet *)  touches

◆ getClipboardData:()

- (NSDictionary*) getClipboardData: (NSString *)  format

Reads the data from the clipboard. |format| specifies the media type of the data to obtain.

◆ getWeakPtr()

◆ handleMethodCall:result:()

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Handles messages received from the Flutter engine on the _*Channel channels.

◆ handlePressEvent:nextAction:()

- (void) handlePressEvent: (FlutterUIPressProxy *)  press
nextAction: (ios(13.4))  API_AVAILABLE 

◆ initWithEngine:nibName:bundle:()

- (nonnull instancetype) initWithEngine: (nonnull FlutterEngine *)  engine
nibName: (nullable NSString *)  nibName
bundle: (nullable NSBundle *)  NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER 

Initializes this FlutterViewController with the specified FlutterEngine.

The initialized viewcontroller will attach itself to the engine as part of this process.

engineThe FlutterEngine instance to attach to. Cannot be nil.
nibNameThe NIB name to initialize this controller with.
nibBundleThe NIB bundle.

◆ launchEngine()

- (BOOL) launchEngine

Starts running |engine|, including any initial setup.

◆ onAccessibilityStatusChanged:()

- (void) onAccessibilityStatusChanged: (NSNotification *)  notification

Responds to updates in accessibility.

◆ onSettingsChanged:()

- (void) onSettingsChanged: (NSNotification *)  notification

Responds to updates in the user settings and passes this data to the engine.

◆ platformViewsController()

- (shared_ptr<)flutter:

◆ playSystemSound:()

- (void) playSystemSound: (NSString *)  soundType

Plays a system sound. |soundType| specifies which system sound to play. Valid values can be found in the SystemSoundType enum in the services SDK package.

◆ restorationPlugin()

- (FlutterRestorationPlugin*) restorationPlugin

◆ sendInitialSettings()

- (void) sendInitialSettings

Initializes the KVO for user settings and passes the initial user settings to the engine.

◆ setClipboardData:()

- (void) setClipboardData: (NSDictionary *)  data

Clears contents and writes new data into clipboard. |data| is a dictionary where the keys are the type of data, and tervalue the data to be stored.

Property Documentation

◆ displayingFlutterUI

- (BOOL) displayingFlutterUI

Definition at line 68 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ flutterView

- (FlutterView*) flutterView

Definition at line 14 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ isHomeIndicatorHidden

- (BOOL) isHomeIndicatorHidden

Definition at line 69 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ isPresentingViewController

- (BOOL) isPresentingViewController

Definition at line 31 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ isPresentingViewControllerAnimating

- (BOOL) isPresentingViewControllerAnimating

Definition at line 70 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ isVoiceOverRunning

- (BOOL) isVoiceOverRunning

Definition at line 32 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ keyboardManager

- (FlutterKeyboardManager*) keyboardManager

Pointer to a keyboard manager, a hub that manages how key events are dispatched to various Flutter key responders, and whether the event is propagated to the next NSResponder.

Definition at line 33 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ keyUpMonitor

- (id) keyUpMonitor

Event monitor for keyUp events.

Definition at line 116 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ mouseState

- (MouseState) mouseState

The current state of the mouse and the sent mouse events.

Definition at line 111 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ pasteboard

- (NSPasteboard*) pasteboard

This just returns the NSPasteboard so that it can be mocked in the tests.

Definition at line 19 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ textInputPlugin

- (FlutterTextInputPlugin*) textInputPlugin

The text input plugin that handles text editing state for text fields.

Definition at line 24 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ trackingArea

- (NSTrackingArea*) trackingArea

The tracking area used to generate hover events, if enabled.

Definition at line 106 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

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