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#import <FlutterViewController_Internal.h>

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Instance Methods

(fml::WeakPtr< FlutterViewController >) - getWeakPtr
(flutter::FlutterPlatformViewsController *) - platformViewsController
(BOOL) - launchEngine
(void) - configureTrackingArea
(void) - addInternalPlugins
(void) - dispatchMouseEvent:
(void) - dispatchMouseEvent:phase:
(void) - dispatchKeyEvent:ofType:
(void) - sendInitialSettings
(void) - onSettingsChanged:
(void) - handleMethodCall:result:
(void) - playSystemSound:
(NSDictionary *) - getClipboardData:
(void) - setClipboardData:
(BOOL) - clipboardHasStrings
(void) - addKeyResponder:
(void) - removeKeyResponder:


BOOL displayingFlutterUI
BOOL isHomeIndicatorHidden
BOOL isPresentingViewControllerAnimating
BOOL isPresentingViewController
NSMutableOrderedSet< NSResponder * > * additionalKeyResponders
NSTrackingArea * trackingArea
MouseState mouseState
KeyboardState keyboardState
id keyUpMonitor
NSPasteboard * pasteboard

Detailed Description

Private interface declaration for FlutterViewController.

Definition at line 40 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

Method Documentation

◆ addInternalPlugins()

- (void) addInternalPlugins

Creates and registers plugins used by this view controller.

◆ addKeyResponder:()

- (void) addKeyResponder: (nonnull NSResponder *)  responder

Adds a responder for keyboard events. Key up and key down events are forwarded to all added responders.

◆ clipboardHasStrings()

- (BOOL) clipboardHasStrings

Returns true iff the clipboard contains nonempty string data.

◆ configureTrackingArea()

- (void) configureTrackingArea

Updates |trackingArea| for the current tracking settings, creating it with the correct mode if tracking is enabled, or removing it if not.

◆ dispatchKeyEvent:ofType:()

- (void) dispatchKeyEvent: (NSEvent *)  event
ofType: (NSString *)  type 

Converts |event| to a key event channel message, and sends it to the engine.

◆ dispatchMouseEvent:()

- (void) dispatchMouseEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  event

Calls dispatchMouseEvent:phase: with a phase determined by self.mouseState.

mouseState.buttons should be updated before calling this method.

◆ dispatchMouseEvent:phase:()

- (void) dispatchMouseEvent: (nonnull NSEvent *)  event
phase: (FlutterPointerPhase phase 

Converts |event| to a FlutterPointerEvent with the given phase, and sends it to the engine.

◆ getClipboardData:()

- (NSDictionary*) getClipboardData: (NSString *)  format

Reads the data from the clipboard. |format| specifies the media type of the data to obtain.

◆ getWeakPtr()

◆ handleMethodCall:result:()

- (void) handleMethodCall: (FlutterMethodCall *)  call
result: (FlutterResult result 

Handles messages received from the Flutter engine on the _*Channel channels.

◆ launchEngine()

- (BOOL) launchEngine

Starts running |engine|, including any initial setup.

◆ onSettingsChanged:()

- (void) onSettingsChanged: (NSNotification *)  notification

Responds to updates in the user settings and passes this data to the engine.

◆ platformViewsController()

- (FlutterPlatformViewsController* FlutterViewController()):

◆ playSystemSound:()

- (void) playSystemSound: (NSString *)  soundType

Plays a system sound. |soundType| specifies which system sound to play. Valid values can be found in the SystemSoundType enum in the services SDK package.

◆ removeKeyResponder:()

- (void) removeKeyResponder: (nonnull NSResponder *)  responder

Removes a responder for keyboard events.

◆ sendInitialSettings()

- (void) sendInitialSettings

Initializes the KVO for user settings and passes the initial user settings to the engine.

◆ setClipboardData:()

- (void) setClipboardData: (NSDictionary *)  data

Clears contents and writes new data into clipboard. |data| is a dictionary where the keys are the type of data, and tervalue the data to be stored.

Property Documentation

◆ additionalKeyResponders

- (NSMutableOrderedSet<NSResponder*>*) additionalKeyResponders

A list of additional responders to keyboard events. Keybord events are forwarded to all of them.

Definition at line 87 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ displayingFlutterUI

- (BOOL) displayingFlutterUI

Definition at line 41 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ flutterView

- (FlutterView*) flutterView

Definition at line 12 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ isHomeIndicatorHidden

- (BOOL) isHomeIndicatorHidden

Definition at line 42 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ isPresentingViewController

- (BOOL) isPresentingViewController

Definition at line 27 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ isPresentingViewControllerAnimating

- (BOOL) isPresentingViewControllerAnimating

Definition at line 43 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ keyboardState

- (KeyboardState) keyboardState

The current state of the keyboard and pressed keys.

Definition at line 102 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ keyUpMonitor

- (id) keyUpMonitor

Event monitor for keyUp events.

Definition at line 107 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ mouseState

- (MouseState) mouseState

The current state of the mouse and the sent mouse events.

Definition at line 97 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

◆ pasteboard

- (NSPasteboard*) pasteboard

This just returns the NSPasteboard so that it can be mocked in the tests.

Definition at line 17 of file FlutterViewController_Internal.h.

◆ trackingArea

- (NSTrackingArea*) trackingArea

The tracking area used to generate hover events, if enabled.

Definition at line 92 of file FlutterViewController.mm.

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