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flutter::ImmutableBuffer Class Reference

#include <immutable_buffer.h>

Inheritance diagram for flutter::ImmutableBuffer:
flutter::RefCountedDartWrappable< ImmutableBuffer > fml::RefCountedThreadSafe< ImmutableBuffer > tonic::DartWrappable fml::internal::RefCountedThreadSafeBase

Public Member Functions

 ~ImmutableBuffer () override
size_t length () const
 The length of the data in bytes. More...
sk_sp< SkData > data () const
 Callers should not modify the returned data. This is not exposed to Dart. More...
void dispose ()
size_t GetAllocationSize () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from flutter::RefCountedDartWrappable< ImmutableBuffer >
virtual void RetainDartWrappableReference () const override
virtual void ReleaseDartWrappableReference () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from fml::RefCountedThreadSafe< ImmutableBuffer >
void Release () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from fml::internal::RefCountedThreadSafeBase
void AddRef () const
bool HasOneRef () const
void AssertHasOneRef () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tonic::DartWrappable
 DartWrappable ()
virtual const DartWrapperInfoGetDartWrapperInfo () const =0
Dart_Handle CreateDartWrapper (DartState *dart_state)
void AssociateWithDartWrapper (Dart_Handle wrappable)
void ClearDartWrapper ()
Dart_WeakPersistentHandle dart_wrapper () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void init (Dart_NativeArguments args)
static void RegisterNatives (tonic::DartLibraryNatives *natives)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tonic::DartWrappable
enum  DartNativeFields {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fml::RefCountedThreadSafe< ImmutableBuffer >
 RefCountedThreadSafe ()
 ~RefCountedThreadSafe ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fml::internal::RefCountedThreadSafeBase
 RefCountedThreadSafeBase ()
 ~RefCountedThreadSafeBase ()
bool Release () const
void Adopt ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tonic::DartWrappable
virtual ~DartWrappable ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from tonic::DartWrappable
static Dart_PersistentHandle GetTypeForWrapper (tonic::DartState *dart_state, const tonic::DartWrapperInfo &wrapper_info)

Detailed Description

A simple opaque handle to an immutable byte buffer suitable for use internally by the engine.

This data is not known by the Dart VM.

It is expected that C++ users of this object will not modify the data argument. No Dart side calls are provided to do so.

Definition at line 27 of file immutable_buffer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ImmutableBuffer()

flutter::ImmutableBuffer::~ImmutableBuffer ( )

Definition at line 28 of file immutable_buffer.cc.

28 {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

sk_sp<SkData> flutter::ImmutableBuffer::data ( ) const

Callers should not modify the returned data. This is not exposed to Dart.

Definition at line 49 of file immutable_buffer.h.

Referenced by dispose(), GetAllocationSize(), init(), and flutter::ImageDescriptor::initEncoded().

49 { return data_; }

◆ dispose()

void flutter::ImmutableBuffer::dispose ( )

Clears the Dart native fields and removes the reference to the underlying byte buffer.

The byte buffer will continue to live if other objects hold a reference to it.

Definition at line 56 of file immutable_buffer.h.

References tonic::DartWrappable::ClearDartWrapper(), data(), GetAllocationSize(), length(), and RegisterNatives().

56  {
57  data_.reset();
59  }

◆ GetAllocationSize()

size_t flutter::ImmutableBuffer::GetAllocationSize ( ) const

Reimplemented from tonic::DartWrappable.

Definition at line 52 of file immutable_buffer.cc.

References data(), FML_DCHECK, FML_LOG, and length().

Referenced by dispose().

52  {
53  return sizeof(ImmutableBuffer) + data_->size();
54 }

◆ init()

void flutter::ImmutableBuffer::init ( Dart_NativeArguments  args)

Initializes a new ImmutableData from a Dart Uint8List.

The zero indexed argument is the caller that will be registered as the Dart peer of the native ImmutableBuffer object.

The first indexed argumented is a tonic::Uint8List of bytes to copy.

The second indexed argument is expected to be a void callback to signal when the copy has completed.

Definition at line 35 of file immutable_buffer.cc.

References tonic::DartWrappable::AssociateWithDartWrapper(), flutter::buffer, tonic::DartInvoke(), data(), and tonic::ToDart().

Referenced by RegisterNatives().

35  {
36  Dart_Handle callback_handle = Dart_GetNativeArgument(args, 2);
37  if (!Dart_IsClosure(callback_handle)) {
38  Dart_SetReturnValue(args, tonic::ToDart("Callback must be a function"));
39  return;
40  }
42  Dart_Handle buffer_handle = Dart_GetNativeArgument(args, 0);
43  tonic::Uint8List data = tonic::Uint8List(Dart_GetNativeArgument(args, 1));
45  auto sk_data = MakeSkDataWithCopy(data.data(), data.num_elements());
46  data.Release();
47  auto buffer = fml::MakeRefCounted<ImmutableBuffer>(sk_data);
48  buffer->AssociateWithDartWrapper(buffer_handle);
49  tonic::DartInvoke(callback_handle, {Dart_TypeVoid()});
50 }
G_BEGIN_DECLS FlValue * args
sk_sp< SkData > data() const
Callers should not modify the returned data. This is not exposed to Dart.
Dart_Handle DartInvoke(Dart_Handle closure, std::initializer_list< Dart_Handle > args)
Definition: dart_invoke.cc:20
DEF_SWITCHES_START aot vmservice shared library Name of the *so containing AOT compiled Dart assets for launching the service isolate vm snapshot The VM snapshot data that will be memory mapped as read only SnapshotAssetPath must be present isolate snapshot The isolate snapshot data that will be memory mapped as read only SnapshotAssetPath must be present cache dir Path to the cache directory This is different from the persistent_cache_path in embedder which is used for Skia shader cache icu native lib Path to the library file that exports the ICU data observatory The hostname IP address on which the Dart Observatory should be served If not defaults to or::depending on whether ipv6 is specified disable Disable the Dart Observatory The observatory is never available in release mode Bind to the IPv6 localhost address for the Dart Observatory Ignored if observatory host is set endless trace buffer
Definition: switches.h:98
void AssociateWithDartWrapper(Dart_Handle wrappable)
Dart_Handle ToDart(const T &object)

◆ length()

size_t flutter::ImmutableBuffer::length ( ) const

The length of the data in bytes.

Definition at line 43 of file immutable_buffer.h.

References FML_DCHECK.

Referenced by dispose(), and GetAllocationSize().

43  {
44  FML_DCHECK(data_);
45  return data_->size();
46  }
#define FML_DCHECK(condition)
Definition: logging.h:86

◆ RegisterNatives()

void flutter::ImmutableBuffer::RegisterNatives ( tonic::DartLibraryNatives natives)

Definition at line 30 of file immutable_buffer.cc.

References DART_REGISTER_NATIVE, FOR_EACH_BINDING, init(), and tonic::DartLibraryNatives::Register().

Referenced by dispose(), and flutter::DartUI::InitForGlobal().

30  {
31  natives->Register({{"ImmutableBuffer_init", ImmutableBuffer::init, 3, true},
33 }
void Register(std::initializer_list< Entry > entries)
static void init(Dart_NativeArguments args)

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