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FlutterPlatformViewSemanticsContainer Class Reference

#import <SemanticsObject.h>

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Instance Methods

((unavailable("Use initWithAccessibilityContainer: instead") - __attribute__
(instancetype) - initWithSemanticsObject:


NSInteger index

Detailed Description

Designated to act as an accessibility container of a platform view.

This object does not take any accessibility actions on its own, nor has any accessibility label/value/trait/hint... on its own. The accessibility data will be handled by the platform view.

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Definition at line 162 of file SemanticsObject.h.

Method Documentation

◆ __attribute__()

- ((unavailable("Use) initWithAccessibilityContainer:

◆ initWithSemanticsObject:()

- (instancetype) initWithSemanticsObject: (SemanticsObject*)  object

Definition at line 768 of file SemanticsObject.mm.

References SemanticsObject::bridge, FML_CHECK, FML_DCHECK, flutter::AccessibilityBridgeIos::GetPlatformViewsController(), id, and index.

768  :(SemanticsObject*)object {
769  FML_CHECK(object);
770  // Initialize with the UIView as the container.
771  // The UIView will not necessarily be accessibility parent for this object.
772  // The bridge informs the OS of the actual structure via
773  // `accessibilityContainer` and `accessibilityElementAtIndex`.
774  if (self = [super initWithAccessibilityContainer:object.bridge->view()]) {
775  _semanticsObject = object;
776  auto controller = object.bridge->GetPlatformViewsController();
777  if (controller) {
778  _platformView = [controller->GetPlatformViewByID(object.node.platformViewId) retain];
779  }
780  }
781  return self;
782 }
virtual std::shared_ptr< FlutterPlatformViewsController > GetPlatformViewsController() const =0
fml::WeakPtr< flutter::AccessibilityBridgeIos > bridge
#define FML_CHECK(condition)
Definition: logging.h:68

Property Documentation

◆ index

- (NSInteger) index

The position inside an accessibility container.

Definition at line 167 of file SemanticsObject.h.

Referenced by initWithSemanticsObject:, and SemanticsObjectContainer::initWithSemanticsObject:bridge:.

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