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FlutterStandardReaderWriter Class Reference

#import <FlutterCodecs.h>

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Instance Methods

(FlutterStandardWriter *) - writerWithData:
(FlutterStandardReader *) - readerWithData:

Detailed Description

A factory of compatible reader/writer instances using the Flutter standard binary encoding or extensions thereof.

Definition at line 172 of file FlutterCodecs.h.

Method Documentation

◆ readerWithData:()

- (FlutterStandardReader *) readerWithData: (NSData*)  data

Create a new FlutterStandardReader for reading from data.

Definition at line 479 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

479  :(NSData*)data {
480  return [[[FlutterStandardReader alloc] initWithData:data] autorelease];
481 }

◆ writerWithData:()

- (FlutterStandardWriter *) writerWithData: (NSMutableData*)  data

Create a new FlutterStandardWriter for writing to data.

Definition at line 475 of file FlutterStandardCodec.mm.

475  :(NSMutableData*)data {
476  return [[[FlutterStandardWriter alloc] initWithData:data] autorelease];
477 }

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