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FlutterSwitchSemanticsObject Class Reference

#import <SemanticsObject.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from SemanticsObject
(BOOL- isAccessibilityBridgeAlive
(void) - setSemanticsNode:
(void) - replaceChildAtIndex:withChild:
(BOOL- nodeWillCauseLayoutChange:
(BOOL- nodeWillCauseScroll:
(BOOL- nodeShouldTriggerAnnouncement:
(void) - collectRoutes:
(NSString *) - routeName
(BOOL- onCustomAccessibilityAction:
(void) - accessibilityBridgeDidFinishUpdate
((unavailable("Use initWithBridge instead") - __attribute__
(instancetype) - initWithBridge:uid:
- Properties inherited from SemanticsObject
int32_t uid
fml::WeakPtr< flutter::AccessibilityBridgeIosbridge
flutter::SemanticsNode node
BOOL hasChildren
NSArray< SemanticsObject * > * children
id nativeAccessibility

Detailed Description

The semantics object for switch buttons. This class creates an UISwitch to interact with the iOS.

Definition at line 177 of file SemanticsObject.h.

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