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ptrace_check.h File Reference
#include "flutter/common/settings.h"
#include "flutter/fml/build_config.h"

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enum  flutter::TracingResult {
  flutter::TracingResult::kNotNecessary = kEnabled,


bool flutter::EnableTracingIfNecessary (const Settings &vm_settings)
 Enables tracing in the process so that JIT mode VMs may be launched. Explicitly enabling tracing is not required on all platforms. On platforms where it is not required, calling this method will return true. If tracing is required but cannot be enabled, it is the responsibility of the caller to display the appropriate error message to the user as subsequent attempts to launch the VM in JIT mode will cause process termination. More...
TracingResult flutter::GetTracingResult ()
 Returns if a tracing check has been performed and its result. To enable tracing, the Settings object used to launch the VM is required. Components may want to display messages based on the result of a previous tracing check without actually having the settings object. This accessor can be used instead. More...

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