Flutter Engine
FlutterPlatformMessage Struct Reference

#include <embedder.h>

Public Attributes

size_t struct_size
 The size of this struct. Must be sizeof(FlutterPlatformMessage). More...
const char * channel
const uint8_t * message
size_t message_size
const FlutterPlatformMessageResponseHandleresponse_handle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 755 of file embedder.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ channel

◆ message

◆ message_size

◆ response_handle

const FlutterPlatformMessageResponseHandle* FlutterPlatformMessage::response_handle

The response handle on which to invoke FlutterEngineSendPlatformMessageResponse when the response is ready. FlutterEngineSendPlatformMessageResponse must be called for all messages received by the embedder. Failure to call FlutterEngineSendPlatformMessageResponse will cause a memory leak. It is not safe to send multiple responses on a single response object.

Definition at line 767 of file embedder.h.

Referenced by ConvertToDesktopMessage(), fl_engine_platform_message_cb(), fl_engine_send_platform_message(), TEST(), flutter::testing::TEST_F(), and _FlutterTaskRunner::~_FlutterTaskRunner().

◆ struct_size

size_t FlutterPlatformMessage::struct_size

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