Flutter Engine
flutter::PlatformData Struct Reference

#include <platform_data.h>

Public Member Functions

 PlatformData ()
 ~PlatformData ()

Public Attributes

ViewportMetrics viewport_metrics
std::string language_code
std::string country_code
std::string script_code
std::string variant_code
std::vector< std::string > locale_data
std::string user_settings_data = "{}"
std::string lifecycle_state
bool semantics_enabled = false
bool assistive_technology_enabled = false
int32_t accessibility_feature_flags_ = 0

Detailed Description

The struct of platform-specific data used for initializing ui.Window.

framework may request data from ui.Window before platform is properly configured. Engine this struct to set the desired default value for ui.Window when creating Shell before platform is ready to send the real data.

See also:

Definition at line 28 of file platform_data.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlatformData()

flutter::PlatformData::PlatformData ( )

◆ ~PlatformData()

flutter::PlatformData::~PlatformData ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ accessibility_feature_flags_

int32_t flutter::PlatformData::accessibility_feature_flags_ = 0

◆ assistive_technology_enabled

bool flutter::PlatformData::assistive_technology_enabled = false

Definition at line 42 of file platform_data.h.

◆ country_code

std::string flutter::PlatformData::country_code

Definition at line 35 of file platform_data.h.

◆ language_code

std::string flutter::PlatformData::language_code

Definition at line 34 of file platform_data.h.

◆ lifecycle_state

◆ locale_data

std::vector<std::string> flutter::PlatformData::locale_data

◆ script_code

std::string flutter::PlatformData::script_code

Definition at line 36 of file platform_data.h.

◆ semantics_enabled

bool flutter::PlatformData::semantics_enabled = false

◆ user_settings_data

std::string flutter::PlatformData::user_settings_data = "{}"

◆ variant_code

std::string flutter::PlatformData::variant_code

Definition at line 37 of file platform_data.h.

◆ viewport_metrics

ViewportMetrics flutter::PlatformData::viewport_metrics

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