Flutter Engine
flutter::PointerState Struct Reference

#include <pointer_data_packet_converter.h>

Public Attributes

int64_t pointer_identifier
bool is_down
double physical_x
double physical_y
int64_t buttons

Detailed Description

The current information about a pointer.

This struct is used by PointerDataPacketConverter to fill in necessary information for the raw pointer packet sent from embedding. This struct also stores the button state of the last pointer down, up, move, or hover event. When an embedder issues a pointer up or down event where the pointer's position has changed since the last move or hover event, PointerDataPacketConverter generates a synthetic move or hover to notify the framework. In these cases, these events must be issued with the button state prior to the pointer up or down.

Definition at line 30 of file pointer_data_packet_converter.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ buttons

int64_t flutter::PointerState::buttons

◆ is_down

bool flutter::PointerState::is_down

◆ physical_x

double flutter::PointerState::physical_x

◆ physical_y

double flutter::PointerState::physical_y

◆ pointer_identifier

int64_t flutter::PointerState::pointer_identifier

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