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FlutterTransformation Struct Reference

#include <embedder.h>

Public Attributes

double scaleX
 horizontal scale factor More...
double skewX
 horizontal skew factor More...
double transX
 horizontal translation More...
double skewY
 vertical skew factor More...
double scaleY
 vertical scale factor More...
double transY
 vertical translation More...
double pers0
 input x-axis perspective factor More...
double pers1
 input y-axis perspective factor More...
double pers2
 perspective scale factor More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 277 of file embedder.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pers0

double FlutterTransformation::pers0

input x-axis perspective factor

Definition at line 291 of file embedder.h.

◆ pers1

double FlutterTransformation::pers1

input y-axis perspective factor

Definition at line 293 of file embedder.h.

◆ pers2

double FlutterTransformation::pers2

perspective scale factor

Definition at line 295 of file embedder.h.

◆ scaleX

double FlutterTransformation::scaleX

horizontal scale factor

Definition at line 279 of file embedder.h.

◆ scaleY

double FlutterTransformation::scaleY

vertical scale factor

Definition at line 287 of file embedder.h.

◆ skewX

double FlutterTransformation::skewX

horizontal skew factor

Definition at line 281 of file embedder.h.

◆ skewY

double FlutterTransformation::skewY

vertical skew factor

Definition at line 285 of file embedder.h.

◆ transX

double FlutterTransformation::transX

horizontal translation

Definition at line 283 of file embedder.h.

◆ transY

double FlutterTransformation::transY

vertical translation

Definition at line 289 of file embedder.h.

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