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Document Interface Reference

import <dart.idl;

Public Member Functions

Element createElement (DOMString tagName)
Element createElement (DOMString localName, DOMString typeExtension)
Element createElementNS (DOMString namespaceURI, DOMString qualifiedName)
Element createElementNS (DOMString namespaceURI, DOMString qualifiedName, DOMString typeExtension)
CustomElementConstructor registerElement (DOMString type, optional ElementRegistrationOptions options)
readonly attribute (HTMLScriptElement or SVGScriptElement)? currentScript

Public Attributes

readonly attribute HTMLScriptElement currentScript

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file dart.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ attribute()

readonly Document::attribute ( HTMLScriptElement or  SVGScriptElement)

◆ createElement() [1/2]

Element Document::createElement ( DOMString  localName,
DOMString  typeExtension 

◆ createElement() [2/2]

Element Document::createElement ( DOMString  tagName)

◆ createElementNS() [1/2]

Element Document::createElementNS ( DOMString  namespaceURI,
DOMString  qualifiedName 

◆ createElementNS() [2/2]

Element Document::createElementNS ( DOMString  namespaceURI,
DOMString  qualifiedName,
DOMString  typeExtension 

◆ registerElement()

CustomElementConstructor Document::registerElement ( DOMString  type,
optional ElementRegistrationOptions  options 

Member Data Documentation

◆ currentScript

readonly attribute HTMLScriptElement Document::currentScript

Definition at line 25 of file dart.idl.

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