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Dart_IsolateFlags Struct Reference

#include <dart_api.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t version
bool enable_asserts
bool use_field_guards
bool use_osr
bool obfuscate
bool load_vmservice_library
bool null_safety
bool is_system_isolate
bool is_service_isolate
bool is_kernel_isolate
bool snapshot_is_dontneed_safe
bool branch_coverage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 585 of file dart_api.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ branch_coverage

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::branch_coverage

Definition at line 597 of file dart_api.h.

◆ enable_asserts

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::enable_asserts

Definition at line 587 of file dart_api.h.

◆ is_kernel_isolate

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::is_kernel_isolate

Definition at line 595 of file dart_api.h.

◆ is_service_isolate

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::is_service_isolate

Definition at line 594 of file dart_api.h.

◆ is_system_isolate

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::is_system_isolate

Definition at line 593 of file dart_api.h.

◆ load_vmservice_library

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::load_vmservice_library

Definition at line 591 of file dart_api.h.

◆ null_safety

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::null_safety

Definition at line 592 of file dart_api.h.

◆ obfuscate

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::obfuscate

Definition at line 590 of file dart_api.h.

◆ snapshot_is_dontneed_safe

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::snapshot_is_dontneed_safe

Definition at line 596 of file dart_api.h.

◆ use_field_guards

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::use_field_guards

Definition at line 588 of file dart_api.h.

◆ use_osr

bool Dart_IsolateFlags::use_osr

Definition at line 589 of file dart_api.h.

◆ version

int32_t Dart_IsolateFlags::version

Definition at line 586 of file dart_api.h.

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